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As the Sun enters the sign of Leo today 22nd July, so we feel the real, masculine energy of the Sun which rules this sign. When I think about Leo, which is the second of the Fire signs, the words Power, Constancy and Fire of the Heart come to mind.

The Sun is the centre of our Solar System and is all to do with Personal Identity, Creative Expression and what we are here on Earth to do – what we are trying to become. The Sun is the source of life itself and determines our Unique Creative Spirit. The Sun is about expressing ourselves from the Heart.

This is a courageous sign, full of self expression and creativity and commanding and noble in its presence. It’s the sign of Kings and Queens, with many in the Royal Family having Leo strong in their astrological DNA, either as their Sun sign, their Moon sign or their Ascendant.

There is a boundless energy with this sign and a generosity of spirit second to none. Leos need the limelight, not always, but mainly, in an overt fashion. They need to be the centre of attention and need to be appreciated for who they are.

Leos love to be loved and are, in fact, in love with life itself. They have great enthusiasm being a Fire sign, can be a little bombastic with an inability to compromise at times which can drive you nuts, but they are deeply loyal, carefree and joyful in the main and with their need to be the centre of attention they have a dramatic flair with an outgoing nature.

Leos need to be praised – a lot – and they have a huge fear of failure so although they’re out there and ready to be counted they also need a great deal of love and support from all those around them in order to be the shining stars that their sun sign demands of them. In fact they tend to need this more than any other zodiac sign.

The main things I would suggest you focus on Leo are being as practical as possible with your creativity; turn down your pride control button on occasion and earn your status by valuing those who seem less significant than yourself! If you are able to do this your love of life will be felt by everyone around you.

Other things to make you aware of right now Leo are that both Venus – the planet of relationships and money management is in Leo at the moment until 5th August and Mercury, which entered the sign of Leo on 14th July and is due to remain there until 30th July, is all to do with communications and linking the magic of thoughts, words and actions. Wow, what a great time for you – don’t waste it! Until the next time…