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The Art of the Right Relationship

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You Say “Tomato”, I Say “Tamaito”

Have you ever yearned to enhance your relationships without sacrificing yourself, your needs and your wellbeing in the process? The Art of the Right Relationship helps you do just that and at the same time helps you reset the default button!

Please note that this session can only be booked if both parties have had a Trilogy of Astrological Energies session first. All reports are supplied in digital format and included FREE of charge. If you would like a spiral bound hard copy (£5 extra) please add this request below (shipping charges apply outside the UK).


The Art of the Right Relationship

The Art of the Right Relationship session will assist you in developing those aspects of your astrological DNA which will enable you to progress in your relationships, to use your natural abilities to maximise your relationships and to increase your understanding of each other. This session will help you identify and overcome any issues you have been experiencing or obstacles that have cropped up in your relationships with loved ones, friends and colleagues. This session is based on looking at each individual's astrological DNA and guiding the two individuals into maximising their relationship with each other, whether that is one of friendship (e.g. Besties, Mother-Daughter, Father-Son) or romance, whether that is traditional, non-conformist or LGBTQ+. My style of astrology celebrates the individual and our own very special uniqueness. NB No intrusive or highly personal questions are asked during these sessions.

How does it help me?

I help you identify the areas within your astrological energies that require harmony and balance in your dealings with others, areas that might need working on and areas in which you should not compromise. Relationships should be based on mutual respect for individuality on both parts; great understanding and really good communication. The Art of the Right Relationship session focuses on the issues you are experiencing now and assists you in overcoming them and finding joy in your relationships with others. You will have the self knowledge and self belief to understand how to harmonise more effectively and how to get the results you want and need from each of your relationships. NB The Art of the Right Relationship Session is only available to those who have had Trilogy of Astrological sessions with Stevie beforehand.

How does it work?

Once you have discovered your essential Trilogy of Astrological Energies through Module 1, we will then be in a position to hold a session in the Art of the Right Relationship 1:2:1 either Face to Face, by Skype, by Telephone or through Audio whichever is more convenient for you. This can happen at any time period after the Trilogy of Astrological Energies Module 1 has been completed and can be booked through this site or by contacting me direct.

What do I get?

With a session in the Art of the Right Relationship you will have my undivided attention for 1.5 to 2 hours where we will discuss and share information specifically focusing on your bespoke astrological energies and how they can assist you both in achieving your relationship goals. You will receive a hard copy or digital notes from your session (please specify your preference at time of booking) so that you may freely participate and absorb the sharing we go through.

What are the benefits?

You will understand more fully how knowing your astrological energies and that of others can fully enhance your ability to progress in relationships. You will have a more thorough understanding of what you both need in place, what each of your natural abilities and talents are and the things that will press each others' buttons that you need to know how to deal with. With this self knowledge you will be able to apply yourself more readily to harmonising with others and to make any necessary changes to the way you wish to proceed in your relationships in the future. - All in a very pragmatic and practical way.

What are the Options & Prices?

1:2:1 The Art of the Right Relationship 

This will cover a 1.5 to 2 hour consultation of your bespoke astrological energies, concentrating on each of your  specific Moon, Sun and Ascendant zodiac signs. Breakdown as follows:

Face to Face in Torquay, Devon UK: £175 (allow 2 hrs) with guided meditation session before The Art of the Right Relationship sharing commences. A Digital Report is included in the price (a Spiral Bound hard copy report is available at £5 extra). For a Face to Face outside of Torquay, please contact Stevie direct - additional travelling costs will apply.

Skype: £175 (allow 1.5 hrs) + Digital Report (a Spiral Bound Hard Copy report is available if preferred (£5 extra) with free UK postage; plus postage for international destinations)

Telephone: £175 (allow 1.5 hrs) + Digital Report (a Spiral Bound Hard Copy report is available if preferred (£5 extra) with free UK postage; plus postage for international destinations)

Audio: £175 - For those who prefer a recording of the Module rather than any of the above, this can be provided separately which you will receive in digital format. You will then be able to listen to this in the privacy of your own space.

3 days notice is required prior to the consultation for preparatory work before the consultation date. Please advise which of the above services will be required at time of booking. NB Refunds will not be issued for Cancellations where work has commenced on behalf of the client. Postponements will be held for a period of 3 months.


Additional information

One-To-One Session Location

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Digital or Hard Copy of Report

Digital Copy of Report (included), Spiral Bound Hard Copy (shipping costs apply outside of UK)


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