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About Stevie

I discovered Pragmatic Astrology when I needed help the most. It spoke directly to my Soul and changed my life forever!



For those of you new to my work, I have been studying and practicing Pragmatic Astrology for over 20 years. I am a Tarot Reader, an established and accredited Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader, and a Soul Whisperer, and I am passionate about helping people, from all walks of life, to connect with their spirituality.

I left my corporate world behind some years ago, where I specialised in strategic marketing. I wanted to devote myself entirely to discovering how we may best avail ourselves of the spiritual world in all its frequencies and colours, and how to reconnect with the rhythm of the Universe, through a combination of pragmatic astrology and card reading.

Connections to the rhythm of life have been lost over time because of many outside pressures, but there has always been an interest in the mysteries of life, and now there is a sea-change of acceptance that there is more to life than what people have been conditioned to see and hear.

As we head into the Age of Aquarius, which is centred around humanity, the time is right to reconnect with the importance of living your best life in alignment with the Universe and exploring your full spiritual potential. My job is to help you do just that and for you to become the architect of your own destiny.

The services I offer can be used independently or collectively, dependent upon your particular interests. My style is pragmatic, informative, inclusive, and kindly. Please contact me to discuss any aspect of my work through the Contact Page.

I live by the sea, surrounded by nature which provides me with a back-cloth of beauty and inspiration. It has allowed me to live my truth and to understand that one’s own inner wisdom and inner knowing is ready and waiting to be tapped into as long as you respect it and give yourself the chance to access it. Using the unique combination of astrology and card reading will open your mind, your heart, and your soul on your journey of discovery. Welcome to your future.

Stevie x