About Stevie

I discovered Pragmatic Astrology when I needed help the most. It spoke directly to my Soul and changed my life forever!


The gift of astrology

Do you ever ask yourself “What have I been put on this Earth to do?” I discovered my vocation in 1998 quite by accident, as is often the case, but it doesn’t have to be!

I trained in strategic marketing and business management and have spent several very fruitful years in this profession – it took care of my Head very well but didn’t look after my Heart and didn’t touch my Soul at all.

My Heart belongs to my family and in 1998 I was experiencing major problems in my relationship with my youngest child which was affecting me hugely.

It was at this time that I discovered Pragmatic Astrology through a close friend of mine who taught and counselled in this profession. It spoke directly to my Soul! It changed my life and changed my relationship with my child forever. 

I  knew, instinctively and intuitively through the gift of astrology, what was needed. Ever since, I have been applying my own studies on the subject in every walk of life, touching the Hearts and Souls of many of my clients and spreading its benefits far and wide.