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21 November – 21 December


Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac circle. It is the third Fire sign and is ruled by the planet Jupiter – the biggest planet within our solar system which should give you an idea of the expansive, optimistic and pure “joie de vivre” that this energy emanates!

The symbol for the Sagittarius sign is the Archer, aiming the arrow high and true. This is an inspirational, lucky, adventurous and really enthusiastic energy. It has a hunger for life which is almost unmatched with a philosophical mindset that life will provide, come what may, which allows them the freedom to explore and to gamble.

This energy has charm and is exceptionally good with people with a natural connection to what’s popular with the public through highly tuned and naturally honed intuition.


Because this energy has an interest in absolutely everything there is a need for grounding; a need to take care of the mundane things in life which, quite frankly are so boring to deal with and boredom is the No.1 enemy of this demanding and somewhat extravagant sign!

Generous to a fault and excessive in many ways, this incredibly independent energy craves freedom and will normally only ‘lose it’ if their freedom is in danger. With a great sense of humour and adventurous spirit, this is a wonderful energy to travel alongside as they search out new horizons at every opportunity.

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