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22 April – 21 May



The second sign of the zodiac circle, Taurus is the first of the Earth signs ruled by the beautiful planet Venus.

With the Element of Earth we meet the very practical, productive and supportive energy that influences Taurus. This is a very patient energy that understands the process of life. This energy is fully rooted, solid and very sensitive to its environment.

With the planet Venus ruling Taurus, this energy seeks harmony and self worth through skilled negotiation, diplomacy and being able to powerfully relate with others. Venus also influences the management of money and resources through good stewardship. 


Energy is used as and when needed. This is a sign that won’t be hurried and appreciates apprenticeship and the need to master one’s art over time.

This energy is steady, unhurried and sensuous. It is a tactile, physical, food loving energy with possessive tendencies and volcanic anger when provoked. This energy is at one with the countryside and loves home comforts. Taurus lives in the slow lane representing the steady, unhurried rhythm of life.

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