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Trilogy of Astrological Energies Module 1

From £120.00

Who’s in Charge?

Do you feel in charge of your destiny? With so many demands on our time these days it’s easy to forget what we need in place for our wellbeing and what makes us sing from the heart. Understanding your astrological DNA removes doubt and gives you permission to be you.

All reports are supplied in digital format and included FREE of charge. If you would like a spiral bound hard copy (£5 extra) please add this request below (shipping costs apply outside the UK).


What is a Trilogy of Astrological Energies?

I give you an in-depth reading of your Moon sign, your Sun sign (commonly known as your ‘Star’ sign) and your Ascendant sign energies providing huge insight into what makes you tick, your natural abilities and talents, things to work on (hey, none of us is perfect!) and things that you can shine brightly with. My delivery style is animated with my artwork which gives a visual depth to your understanding of each of your Zodiac signs.

Your Moon Sign – Determines your needs

Your Sun Sign – Identifies your full nature, your natural abilities (some may be dormant or suppressed) and what you are here to achieve in your life

Your Ascendant Sign – the journey you will need to take to harmonise your Moon and your Sun energies

I translate your astrological DNA into meaningful, easy to understand information for you to immediately benefit from.

How does it work?

It’s very straight forward! You give me your time, date and location of birth and I will contact you for a 1:2:1 Face to Face or Skype Trilogy of Astrological Energies Session at a mutually convenient time. * If you don’t know your time of birth please consider using my dowsing service by contacting me at

What are the features?

With a 1:2:1 Trilogy of Astrological Energies Session you will have my undivided attention for between 1.5 and 2 hours where I will discuss and share with you information specifically focusing on your bespoke astrological energies which I will have spent time compiling prior to our sharing session. You will receive hard copy or digital notes from your session (please advise preference at time of booking) so that you can just listen and absorb.

For those who prefer an Audio recording of the module rather than either of the above, this can be provided separately for £100 in a digital format.

What are the benefits?

With a 1:2:1 Trilogy of Astrological Energies Session it’s like opening a book of potential! It is your DNA in essential astrological terms. You will know yourself so much better; you will be empowered by its content; you will never doubt who you are ever again; you will give yourself permission to be you; you will have the ability to discover what you’ve held deep inside, perhaps for several years, and you will be able to maximise your potential by expressing your true self to the outside world.

What are the Options & Prices?

1:2:1 Star Planners Trilogy of Astrological Energies  

This will cover a 1.5 to 2 hour consultation of your bespoke astrological energies, concentrating on your Moon, Sun and Ascendant zodiac signs. Breakdown as follows:

Face to Face in Torquay, Devon UK: £120 (allow 2 hrs) with guided meditation session before Trilogy of Astrological Energies sharing commences plus Digital Report. (A Spiral Bound hard copy Report is available at £5 extra) For a Face to Face outside of Torquay, please contact Stevie direct – additional travelling costs will apply.

Skype: £120 (allow 1.5 hrs) + Digital Report (A Spiral Bound hard copy Report is available at £5 extra with free UK postage; plus postage for international destinations)

Telephone: £120 (allow 1.5 hrs) + Digital Report (A Spiral bound hard copy Report is available at £5 extra with free UK postage; plus postage for international destinations)

Audio: £120 – For those who prefer a recording of the Module which they can listen to at their leisure, rather than any of the above, this can be provided separately which you will receive in digital format.

3 days notice is required prior to the consultation date for preparatory work . Please advise which service will be required at time of booking. NB Refunds will not be issued for Cancellations where work has commenced on behalf of the client. Postponements will be held for a period of 3 months.

You will be asked to provide your birth data.

NB It is important to be as precise as possible with Birth Data to make sure the Consultation is as accurate as possible. All data is used specifically for the consultation only and is not used for any other purpose (please refer to our Privacy Policy within our Terms & Conditions). 

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Additional information

One-To-One Session Location

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Digital or Hard Copy of Report

Digital Copy of Report (included), Spiral Bound Hard Copy of Report (shipping costs apply outside the UK)


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