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22 July – 21 August

The Leo energy takes centre stage!

This energy has sheer chutzpah! It is the second Fire sign and has a power and constancy straight from the heart. It is ruled by the Sun which is at the centre of our Solar system – the source of life itself – and this is where the Leo energy takes pride of place.

The Leo symbol is of course the Lion. It is a very noble sign, full of self expression, creativity and courage. It has a commanding presence and just loves to be the centre of attention.

Its physical energy is boundless emanating authority, warm heartedness and generosity but this energy can be exhausting to others and, on occasion can be a bit prima donna’ish! The trick for this energy is to learn to appreciate others on their way to the top.

Leo needs appreciation!

The Leo energy needs an audience badly – it’s a natural leader being inspirational and enthusiastic with an unwavering faith in life.

It’s an energy which needs appreciation and above all else loves to be loved. With a romantic, innocent and carefree disposition this energy has a big fear of failure but if it feels appreciated can be joyful and outgoing like the eternal child which is at its heart.

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