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24 September – 21 October


Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac, ruled by the Planet Venus (which also rules Taurus) and influenced by the Element of Air. Its symbol is the Scales of Balance and this energy will constantly be seeking harmony, justice and peace.

It is an energy which finds beauty enchanting and abhors any form of coarseness.

This is an artistic, romantic, graceful and civilised energy which likes to keep cool and detached so that they can retain their intellectual, strategic and aerial view on matters. Brilliant diplomats; this energy knows how to handle debate and arbitration and relishes an arena to engage like minded people as it constantly searches for equality and fairness.


Being ruled by Venus, Librans love their food and money is also important to them.

Libra is a procrastinator, a pleasure seeker and a party animal, exploring both the masculine and feminine sides of their nature with a good dose of vanity thrown in for good measure. This energy needs to be liked and tends to compromise too much which can lead to the very thing they abhor – imbalance!

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