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21 January – 20 February


Aquarius is the eleventh and penultimate sign of the Zodiac circle being ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus and being influenced by the Element of Air.

Combined with the realistic limitations of Saturn it’s refreshing to come across the progressive and revolutionary influences of Uranus. This planet reaches way beyond realistic limitations and allows for thoughts and inventions way ahead of its time!

The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Carrier, providing water for humanity without which we would be unable to function. This energy is inventive, eccentric and humanitarian. It combines unpredictability with realism. This is the true free spirit, the non-conformist and the seeker of change. This energy is the ‘outsider’ looking in with lateral thinking at its heart.


With the Element of Air influencing this sign, here we meet the detached, logical thinker with futuristic ideals; the anarchist, the reformer and the maverick striving for equality with real vision. Aquarius is the peacemaker, diplomat and arbitrator engaging tolerance and fairness in equal measure. This is an electrically wired energy that loves parties and people but has real difficulty in expressing its own personal feelings.

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