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21 March – 21 April


The first sign of the zodiac circle and the first FIRE sign. There’s a clue here as to where this energy likes to be! I think the answer is FIRST!

Influenced by the Element of Fire, this is a creative, hot tempered, dramatic and passionate energy that is highly intuitive and loves excitement and surprises.

Ruled by the planet Mars – hot and fiery, assertive and courageous; this is a dynamic, forceful and competitive influence which is strongly individual, energetic, vital and honest. Mars is a warrior, not a wallflower! 


The symbol for Aries is the Ram – representing potency, physicality and fertility. This energy leads, it does not follow. It is a pioneer and adventurer with a romantic imagination. A risk taker, inviting challenges with a simple and direct approach. 

It is the Hare not the Tortoise, interested in immediate gratification rather than long term reward, hating confinement and needing enthusiastic encouragement to achieve its goals. Aries gives birth to the vision and pioneers a process to bring it out to the world.

Would you like a more in-depth knowledge of your astrological energies, including your Sun sign ARIES together with your MOON and ASCENDANT zodiac signs?

Happy New Astrological Year!