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The Sun has now moved into the magical and mystical sign of Cancer where emotional wellbeing and emotional safety are of the utmost importance to this energy.

This is a truly reflective sign – the first of the Water signs – which embraces fluidity, change, emotional vulnerability and extreme sensitivity. This sign is directly connected to the phases of the Moon, connecting to its fluctuating monthly cycle of the New, Waxing, Full and Waning Moons as if they were at one with this planet – those with this energy have been born as true Lunar children. When you know this you will understand the temperament of the Cancerian energy and appreciate the ebb and flow of their moods which they need time to process, just like the tides that refresh the sand and pebbles on the beach, their moods will be cleansing and unfathomable as they plunge into the depths of their feelings. Let them be – they need to do this for their wellbeing.

The symbolism of this sign is the ancient crab and the mother and child entwined with a circle of love, support and nurturing at its core. This energy needs to nurture and will always protect the young and vulnerable in society.

With Cancer comes creativity which sometimes needs to withdraw into itself (just like the crab retracting into its shell) in order to gestate its original thought processes. Just like the Moon – Cancer’s ruling planet representing ‘the Mother’ – male or female Cancerians are particularly good at giving birth to ideas, creativity and projects in which they are involved. This comes from a deep sense of connection rather than from an intellectual perspective – the gut rather than the head! This ‘midwifery’ is a natural talent of this energy and bringing something safely into this world is of paramount importance to this caring and sensitive sign. In fact, you need to be needed in this way as you are the nourisher of the zodiac circle.

With the sign of Cancer comes sentimentality, tenderness and loving. There is a tendency to take things very personally, so this energy is very easily hurt and will withdraw from an argument into a safe, loving environment to lick their wounds. With this sentimentality comes a very long memory which can be a good thing and a bad thing! Cancer can hold onto things way past their useful sell by dates, whether it is physical or emotional, and they will be fully immersed in the memory of that experience for a very long time. The thing to learn here is to let go of those things and those memories for your own sanity.

The Cancer energy is fascinated by events of the past, so history is particularly of interest here. Connecting to the past and then bringing things up to date with a combination of old and new is a real talent of this sign so if you’re nurturing a creative project where old meets new with the emphasis on looking back then have the confidence to give birth to it as you have the natural, instinctual talents to make it work.

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