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Zodiac Parenting with Stevie Walshe. For many years now I have been helping parents around the world use astrology as a tangible parental aid, to complement their existing parenting skills. And now, what has started out as a big trend in the United States is making waves here in the UK ~ using Astrology to help understand how your children tick.

Zodiac Parenting with Stevie Walshe

Unlock your child’s potential

I was delighted to be approached by the Daily Mail to feature in their recent article ‘Mothers who think GOOD PARENTING is written in the STARS’. And although they state that it’s a surprising new trend in childcare, for me it was the reason why I got involved with astrology in the first place back in the late 1990s and I have seen demand for my Child and Teenage Astrology rise ever since. The surprising bit is that I only need 3 pieces of information to produce a wealth of information about your child ~ their date, time, and location of birth. That’s it!

As far as parents are concerned, you don’t have to be an astrologer to benefit from astrology. You just have to open your heart and mind to understand that there is a rhythm to this universe created by the many planets and stars that exist within our Solar System and that we are all part of that rhythm. My Child Star Planner and Teenage Star Planner books make it really easy to understand the unique energies that your child possesses, and it’s all written in straight forward English with no understanding of the language of astrology required.

Zodiac Parenting with Stevie Walshe

Help your Teenagers

Astrology exists in an area that scientists find very difficult to quantify – it’s been around for several thousand years, well before Aristotle existed – and just as the emotions of the heart and one’s own feeling of spirituality are difficult to explain, so too is the remarkable accuracy and psychological benefits of using astrology. Yes, you can live without astrology; as you can live without religion, or without a daily intake of pizza. But how incredibly rewarding, enriching and empowering life is when you embrace this wonderful, helpful dynamic into your life and let it assist you and your children and teenagers in the very best way possible – and I’m not just talking about pizza!

Zodiac Parenting with Stevie Walshe

100 Words Two Hundred Visionaries

In 2009 I was lucky enough to be invited to feature as a Visionary in a book entitled ‘100 Words, Two Hundred Visionaries’ by William Murtha, which is packed full of inspirational change-makers who dare to dream of a better world, and in it I make this statement which is as true today as it ever was, and will be in the future:

“Every child who comes into this world has hopes, needs and aspirations, no matter what environment they have been born into. Their dreams need to be cherished, their needs understood. What better gifts can parents give than to assist each of their children to shine brightly and to help them achieve their most heartfelt dreams? It is within our power to do so if we choose, and in so doing to carve out a brighter, more harmonious future for all generations to come.”

Please spend time looking around my website, Star Planners Astrology, to see how Pragmatic Astrology can open up new opportunities for you as a parent and how astrology can unlock yours and your children’s full potential. There’s so much to life, let me help you discover how to use it to maximum effect with Zodiac Parenting with Stevie Walshe.

Shine Brightly!