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Youthful, Cultured and an Excellent Communicator – it must be Gemini time!
On 21st May, the Sun enters the civilised and clear sighted sign of Gemini.

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Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac circle and the first of the Air signs. Here we meet the detached, cultured and idealistic energy with progressive ideas. Air is a very civilised influence, valuing clarity and clear sightedness together with peace and harmony.


Youthful, Cultured and an Excellent Communicator Gemini is all about Communication and Education. It is ruled by the planet Mercury which links thinking, words, actions and results. This energy has tremendous curiosity and a real thirst for knowledge which leads to youthfulness in attitude and in looks.

With Gemini you literally do get two for the price of one! Just like its symbol – the Twins – they can often do two things at once, they can always see two sides to any story, they are often ambidextrous; they hate being hemmed in and require a constant supply of fresh stimuli to keep their interest.

Geminians are great clowns; they have a really keen eye for observation and a great recall of situations which makes them great story tellers. They can be pretty talkative with an over-active mind. They are highly strung, finely tuned, clever and versatile.

If you have this wonderful energy as your Sun sign, Moon or Ascendant make sure you listen to your body because sometimes you can bite off a little more than you can chew and it’s really important to find the time to relax and prevent your nerves from becoming too jangled.

Always remember to be constructive with your duality, discipline your over active mind, express your feelings (not just your thoughts) and watch out for nervous exhaustion.

Have fun, until the next time, with Love and Light Stephanie – your Pragmatic Astrologer xx

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