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Yippee! Mercury Comes Out of Retrograde 8th January!

Mischievous Mercury comes out of its retrograde (backwards) position on 8th January and starts going direct (forward) again until early April. So if you’ve felt its effects recently, breathe a sigh of relief as it goes direct in Earth’s Orbit once more!

Star Planners Astrology Sagittarius

Sagittarius – the Archer

Presently it is in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius which has a great deal to do with Freedom!

As we know, Mercury has everything to do with communications and links us to the magic of words through every medium and Sagittarius has everything to do with inspiration, enthusiasm and adventure.

The combination of these two energies in pragmatic astrology promises the use of boundless imagination through communication and the use of direct speech based on intuition and independent thought. It is a philosophical influence connected to what’s popular with the public and will search out new horizons in the process in search of the next fad or fancy.

Use this influence to get your message out there with no holds barred. Make sure your messages are aimed straight and true. Mercury will be entering Capricorn again on Thursday 12th January where communications will need to become much more grounded and realistic.

Have fun – until the next time, Stephanie – Star Planners Astrology xx