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WOW! Today is full of Wonderfulness! Just like waiting for a bus, nothing comes along and then 3 turn up all at the same time!

Star Planners Astrology Aries


No. 1 on my list today is that the fiery, creative, hot tempered and passionate first sign of the zodiac – ARIES – takes centre stage this week! The Sun arrives in this visionary and pioneering sign on 20th March this year, heralding the start of Spring in the Northern hemisphere. Here we meet the dramatic, energetic and physical zodiac energy who craves the limelight and cuts through unnecessary waffle with their simple and direct approach. To read in more detail about this ‘Go Getter’ zodiac sign, follow this link:

To celebrate the arrival of Aries this month, Star Planners Astrology has developed this beautiful bracelet with Carnelian gemstones, 925 Sterling Silver, Silver Charms and Swarovski crystals. A superb gift with specific meaning for the wearer. Read about the details here:

Spring Equinox

WOW! Today is full of Wonderfulness! The Spring Equinox also occurs on 20th March this year which marks the moment that the Sun crosses the celestial equator from south to north, leaving the winter behind and heralding the waking up of nature, springing into life once again to enjoy the promise of extra light and warmth on its way. This is great news for those who suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and for those who want to pack more into their day! It represents an uplifting time spiritually, physically and emotionally and coincides beautifully with my third piece of news…

Mars with Star Planners Astrology


Mars, the planet which represents Courage, Dynamism, Honesty and Individuality is supporting the transformational, liberating, power sharing and truth seeking planet Pluto on 20th March. This will have everything to do with self-worth, self preservation and material or spiritual standing combined with the realisation of all our learned knowledge to express our individuality, our

Star Planners Astrology Pluto


competency and our calling. Reaching a higher position through a full understanding of ourselves and identifying our unique purpose in life. Each of these planets Co-rules the zodiac sign Scorpio, with Mars also ruling the zodiac sign Aries. If you have been feeling a little shaky recently about what you’re doing (or not doing) with your life, welcome the influence of these two supportive planets to help you determine your way forward.

Watch out for my next blog all to do with the Full Super Moon in Libra on Thursday…
Love & Light, Stevie xx