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Welcome to Our Evolution! As a Pragmatic Astrologer I’m interested in helping people in practical ways linked to planetary movement and their Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs – my ‘Day Job’ if you like – but something absolutely massive is happening in our midst and we’re all feeling it in a very practical as well as painfully emotional way.

Welcome to Our Evolution

Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter Conjunction

Welcome to Our Evolution! This year is one of the most significant years in planetary movement and alignment for astrologers. It is the Conjunction (united energies) of the planets Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Capricorn which hasn’t happened for several thousand years.

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In easy to understand terms, Saturn is the planet that teaches us profound lessons through painful experiences and is connected to the establishment, structures, society and systems; Pluto is the planet of transformation through death and rebirth, pushing us into elimination to make way for new growth – out with the old, in with the new; and Jupiter urges us to expand and grow through exploration, through getting in touch with our beliefs and to find a belief system that we can all connect to on a much deeper level. Capricorn is the sign of the zodiac that is in it for the long haul, it represents sustained effort, realism, determination and maturity over time, gradually and methodically harnessing wisdom in order to bring about success. Welcome to Our Evolution!

I have heard many people say “I can’t wait to return to normal” and yet we have the most amazing opportunity to completely change our way of thinking and doing things. Are we really content with “normal”? Are we really content with what we have done to this planet? Consumerism? The Power of Money? The way we treat our Environment, our Animals, our People? I would think for the vast majority of us the answer would be NO!

Welcome to Our Evolution!

Planet Earth

As we languish in our homes under “lock-down” throughout the World, the Conjunction of these planets is speeding up the necessity for us to face reality and it is asking us, in no uncertain terms, to review our World, to shake up our thought processes, to trust what we feel deep inside and to make change!

Welcome to Our Evolution! We must not let fear and oppression determine our future. There is too much greed, too much heartbreaking recklessness with our environment, too much corruption and too much acceptance of inhumanity for us not to grab this opportunity with both hands and collectively put it right. If we don’t, be under no illusion, the planets will insist that we learn a very stark lesson for the future.

Use your time effectively whilst in isolation. Consider how you would want to change the world in a positive, loving, truthful way if we were not restricted by existing boundaries.

We need to stop harming each other and our planet. World leaders, as well as ourselves, need to come together as we are doing during this period of Covid-19, to support each other, to find new and exciting ways forward and to spread kindness in every way possible.

This is a period of individual and collective liberation. We need to sweep clean the horrifying realities of our world, from Sharks being killed en-masse for Shark Fin Soup, massively affecting the eco-structure of our oceans, to the abuse of people through selective incarceration and trafficking, to the misguided power of some World “Leaders”. We need to remove the unbearable stress, anxiety and misery that many everyday people suffer because of the disproportionate power of money and the man-made demands of consumerism.

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Individual & Collective Action

It is time to make a much deeper connection with ourselves, with our planet and our universe; to make it beautiful once more and to make our intentions count from the strength of our hearts and the depths of our souls with kindness, empathy and respect.

We are experiencing uncertain times, collectively, but this is a New Age in Humanity where massive changes are called for in a BIG way! We cannot continue by repeating a history that the majority of us are seriously unhappy about.

Step up the Leaders of Change, Step up those with Revolutionary ideas and a hunger for the mountain of work that lies ahead of us, Step up for Truth, Step up for Forgiveness and for Ownership of our Errors.

In the same way that we clapped and sang on our balconies and at our windows and front doors for our wonderful Front Line Key Workers all around the world, let us come together, to create a powerful force for change. The Planets are giving us a very powerful message, it is time we acknowledged their influence and recognised the harm we have done so that the children of this age can carve out a very bright future for this planet.

It isn’t going to be easy, there will be powerful resistance at every turn but we start this decade with options: Do we want to settle for the way things are around the world and just continue to repeat history or do we want to start planning for a future full of hope, transformation and growth? Until we start to plan for change we will be tempted just to climb back up onto our respective hamster wheels when the current crisis dies down and carry on “as normal” hurtling towards implosion! Whilst we’re not in our hamster cages but in our homes, let’s make some waves!

With Love, Light and Hope, Stevie xx