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Welcome Gemini – The Twins – On Thursday, 20th May the Sun rises in the sign of Gemini and this, for me, signals the start of summer! Social gatherings, time to communicate, chatter and gossip about everything under the Sun – speed of thought, energetic mind and love of laughter, this is what Gemini lives for. And with Gemini you get a double whammy of this energy.

Gemini Star Planners Astrology

Two for the price of one!

The Gemini spirit needs to engage with nothing less than everything! And if your partner, friend or family member has this energy, then they are looking to you to keep up. This is an intelligent sign, hugely curious about everything life has to offer and impatient with any lack of initiative or laziness shown by others.

Gemini is an Air sign, ruled by the planet Mercury, which is fast moving, fluid and all about communication. The Element of Air is detached, cultured and idealistic, and because of its vantage point, benefits from clear sighted objectivity when it counts, which enables the dynamics of peace and harmony to be engaged most of the time.

Welcome Gemini The Twins

Dualistic and often ambidextrous

Welcome Gemini – The Twins – This is a chameleonic, dualistic sign which is able to do two things at once, is often ambidextrous and needs a constant supply of fresh stimuli in order to prevent boredom from even crossing its mind. However, this is a highly strung energy which needs to build rest into its agenda before nerve ends start to jangle and nervous exhaustion sets in.

Gemini is a beautiful butterfly sign and although it might be here today and gone tomorrow, you will be all the better for encountering this lovely zodiac sign energy. And, if you’re intent on capturing your butterfly, a word of caution: never clip its wings or it will always be trying to escape! Much better to give it the secure base that it craves with unconditional love and trust so that it keeps flying back to you.

Welcome Gemini The Twins

Citrine and Hematite Gemstones

We have linked the beautifully supportive gemstones Citrine and Hematite to the Zodiac sign of Gemini to assist with *Clarity *Visioning *Manifesting and *Grounding. With so much going on in the Geminian’s world, it’s sometimes very helpful to clear away confusion and indecisiveness and to enable orientation towards practical action in the real world. These beautiful gemstones give the clarity needed to manifest dreams.

Shine brightly Gemini, with Love and Light, Stevie xx