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The Warrior Mars enters Caring Cancer. Today, 16th May, the planet Mars which, in Pragmatic Astrology, represents Assertion, Courage and Forcefulness enters the Reflective, Highly Sensitive, Vulnerable and Nurturing sign of Cancer.

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Mars enters Cancer

Mars represents Courage. It is a Warrior, not a Wallflower and helps us assert our beliefs with a forceful, dynamic and energetic fervour, with total honesty and self-expression.

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Perhaps it is no coincidence that this powerful, vital and strongly individual energy has entered the vulnerable, instinctual and hugely empathetic sign of Cancer – absorbing the pain of our people and our environment as if it were our own personal pain. This sign is reflective and emotional with deeply personal feelings and, being a Water sign, is used to dealing with the ‘mess of life’. It is ruled by the Moon and is in touch with basic survival instincts. It is a nurturing and protective energy which is all to do with Safety, Security and Wellbeing for ourselves and for our environment.

The Warrior Mars enters Caring Cancer and remains there until the 2nd July when you will hear its roar as it enters the zodiac sign of Leo, but during the next few weeks this influence will help us reflect on what has been; it will allow us to get in touch with our emotions and build on our security and safety once more and to be protective of who we are, how we want to live our lives and what we stand for.

With this combination we can be strong and understanding, assertive and empathetic, forceful and intuitive. Mars and Cancer will show us the way forward. Use this combination for all of the things that you hold dear – it’s time to come out of our shell and use our pincers!

With love, light and peace – until the next time, Stevie x