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Venus, the Sun and the Full Moon. We have a busy week with Venus entering Virgo on Wednesday, the Sun entering Leo on Thursday, and the Full Moon in Aquarius on Friday! Read on for information about how to use these wonderful influences as you plan your weeks ahead…


Venus, the Sun and the Full Moon

Venus in Virgo

Venus, the planet of relationships and money enters the zodiac sign of Virgo on Wednesday 21st July and stays there until the 16th August.

Virgo is the seeker of perfection, so with the influence of Venus you will probably be looking for the ‘perfect’ relationship and the perfect answer to your financial needs. In pragmatic astrology Virgo represents an understated but extremely sensitive energy. It is dedicated to getting things ‘right’ and has a high requirement for security; hating chaos and needing routine to prevent unnecessary worry. This is a very patient sign, with caution at its core and needs to feel secure and of service to others to feel gratified.

Venus, the Sun and the Full Moon

Virgo – Earth energy

Virgo is an Earth sign and is all about being skilled in your use of knowledge, with careful planning, leading to maximum productivity based on sensible thought processes. Resist the temptation to be over critical of others at this time, and remember, if you can dish it out you need to be able to receive it as well! Everyone knows the weight they are carrying in their life, so try to be light in your spirit.

Mercury rules this sign which is the planet of communication, so focus on getting your message across in as detailed a way as you can, crossing the ‘t’s and dotting the ‘I’s. Focus on the detail of your life on every level. Tap into the wisdom of your body but don’t become overwhelmed and exhausted in the process. If you learn to enjoy the bigger picture as well, your levels of worry and anxiety will dissipate.

Enjoy the Virgo influence on Venus and pay homage to the Cosmic Cleaner!


Venus, the Sun and the Full Moon

Leo – Fire energy

On Thursday, 22nd July the Sun lights up the sky as it enters the zodiac sign Leo. As the Sun enters this creative, inspirational and enthusiastic sign, so you will feel the real, life-giving energy of the Sun’s power, constancy and fire from its core.

The Sun is the centre of our Solar System. This beautiful Star represents your Personal Identity, Creative Expression and what you are here on Earth to do – what you are trying to become. The Sun is the source of life itself and determines your Unique Creative Spirit. The Sun is about expressing yourself from the Heart.

Leo is a courageous sign, full of self expression and creativity which needs bucket loads of love and appreciation to keep it pride of place. This sign is warm hearted, generous to a fault but can be exhausting to others with its constant, boundless energy.

The Leo energy needs the limelight, not always, but mainly, in an overt fashion. It needs to be the centre of attention and needs to be admired and praised for who they are and what they stand for.

Leos love to be loved and are, in fact, in love with life itself. They have great enthusiasm being a Fire sign and are known in pragmatic astrology as the Eternal Child of the Zodiac. People who have this sign strong in their astrological DNA are deeply loyal, carefree and joyful, in the main, with dramatic flair and an outgoing nature. Even the more introvert Leos will be a great deal happier if they can find an outlet to express their generous hearts from time to time. This is definitely an energy which should not be suppressed in any way.

During the period of Sun in Leo, focus attention on your gifts and talents. Be as practical as possible with your creativity; turn down your pride control button and earn your status by valuing those who seem less significant than yourself! If you are able to do this, your love of life will be felt by everyone around you and you will shine your brightest, like a diamond, for everyone else to admire.


Venus, the Sun and the Full Moon

Full Moon in Aquarius

At the end of the week, on Friday 23rd July, the Full Buck Moon is in Aquarius. This is the time when you should celebrate your uniqueness; your authenticity. There is no-one else in the world quite like you and that is your power! Enjoy the harvest of all the seeds you planted at the beginning of the year. It is time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labour and bring your gifts to the table.

Connect with this Full Moon in Aquarius – this zodiac sign signifies the Water of Life – it is inventive, progressive and seeks change. If you’ve felt that you’ve just been surviving rather than thriving in recent months, use this immense influence to liberate your visions, to spearhead change for yourself and to connect with your heart and respond to its needs.

As ever, if you feel that you would benefit from the support of a Full Moon Illuminating Reading then please contact me for availability and remember to supercharge your gemstones and crystals under the light of the Full Moon at the end of the week.

Venus, the Sun and the Full Moon – what a busy week! With love and light, Stevie xxxx