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Venus is Retrograde in Pisces – time to reflect on exactly what you want out of relationships Pisces and consider the secrets that are tugging at your conscience from all sides. You may also be frustrated or unhappy about work you are doing which is not being recognised – the unsung hero perhaps.

Venus retrograde in Pisces

Venus is all about vanity and there may be egos involved in complicated relationships, both personal and work. Even those who have no strong Piscean energy within their astrological DNA will feel the restlessness of Neptune as it struggles with Venus.

Venus seeks harmony and balance, both emotionally and financially and not turmoil and if that is missing in a relationship then lots of questions arise about self worth, stability and the future. There may be old relationships looming again or you may just be unclear of the way forward.

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Venus has been retrograde (in the sign of Aries previously) since 4th March and it is retrograde in the zodiac sign of Pisces for a relatively short period of time before it goes direct again, still in Pisces on Saturday 15th April. Use this time to dispel any false situations in your relationships; strengthen your shaky identity and develop a firm sense of ‘self’. Ground your dreams and visions and learn to say “No” on occasion. Venus is Retrograde in Pisces and when Venus goes direct on 15th April, make sure you’re in a position to take advantage of this positive energy to help you with your relationships with people and money, after all, relationships are what makes the world go round!

Until the next time, with love, Stephanie x

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