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On Wednesday, 14th April, Venus Enters Stabilising Taurus. Venus, the Planet of Harmony, Diplomacy, Balanced Energy and Relationships enters the very sensual Zodiac Sign that it rules – Taurus – and stays there until the 8th May.

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Venus Enters Stabilising Taurus and this beautiful, feminine energy which helps with self-worth and relating powerfully with others enters the tactile, unhurried, rhythmic sign of Taurus, the Bull. At this time we will be seeking comfort, stability and tenderness. Surround yourself with home comforts. Make sure you’re looking after yourself and your loved ones. Spend your money on something that brings you pleasure, and reach out to nature.

This beautiful combination of energies lasts for 3 and a half weeks, so now is the time to let partners know just how much they mean to you in an affectionate, sensual and peace loving way. These two energies working together know full well the unhurried rhythm of life and that relationships take time and loving affection and understanding to work well.

Venus Enters Stabilising Taurus

Venus the Symbol of Love & Relationships

Venus Enters Stabilising Taurus so, use this influence wisely. Surrender to all the comforts you need at home, and if you haven’t been giving the people you love enough time and making them feel needed and very special lately, then let them understand just how much they mean to you now.

Sending you plenty of Love and Inspiration. Shine Brightly, Stevie xx