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Are you Ready for this? Venus has entered Scorpio!

The planet Venus entered Scorpio on 8th October. This planet rules the signs of Taurus and Libra whether that is your Sun (Star) sign your Moon sign or your Ascendant sign. And it influences harmony and the management of money and resources. It is a beautiful planet which helps the search for balanced energy, self worth, relating with others, diplomacy and the art of the right relationship.

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Venus Enters Scorpio – The Scorpio energy symbolises transformation through intensity of feelings, emotional courage and empowerment. So when Venus enters the sign of Scorpio you’re talking about full on intimacy with feelings running deep, possessiveness and loyalty based on truthfulness, commitment and trust.

It can be magical and slightly scary dependent upon your disposition, but one thing’s for sure it’s an unforgettable period with new levels of commitment forthcoming and goes right through until 1st November!

Make the most of this intense influence based on trust in your relationships. Stevie xx