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Venus Enters Aries – Relationships & Finance are in the Limelight. Today, 28th April, the beautiful, very feminine planet Venus enters the dramatic, passionate and warm hearted zodiac sign of Aries. So what does this mean for all of us?

Venus enters Aries

Venus Enters Aries – Relationships & Finance are in the Limelight. The beautiful Venusian influence will be working its magic in the art of the right relationship and financial management, searching for love and harmony and assisting us to relate to others powerfully, using diplomacy and skilled negotiation. The influence of Venus also helps us focus on self worth and our ability to know what we bring to the table.

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Aries lives in the fast lane and is influenced by the Element of Fire which is creative, dynamic, courageous and energetic. It is a warm hearted energy that loves surprises and excitement. In Pragmatic Astrology Aries represents potency, fertility, adventure and determination.

Bring these two influences together and now is the time to go for it! Whatever your heart desires and whatever grand plan you have for your financial security, now is the time to focus and act!

Enjoy this period of assertion which will be with us until 6th June. Mercury will be coming to join Aries when it comes out of its retrograde position and goes direct in Aries on 3rd May, so communications will also be favoured by this sign.

With Love and Light, Stephanie xx

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