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Use Grace & Charm to Light Up Your Plans – the New Moon arrives in Libra on 16th October and whilst we have both Mars and Mercury in Retrograde at the moment and we may be feeling “all over the place” with the prevailing energies, focus on what expands your heart in your plans ahead.

New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra

The New Moon heralds the commencement of your plans and with the Sun still in the sign of Libra, use this double-whammy of Libra energy to bring balance to your life with grace and diplomacy whilst all around you may be spinning in the opposite direction!

Do not procrastinate; do not doubt your creativity. When things ‘spark’ against each other as they are doing at the moment with a great many planetary transits, this is when creativity is born. So use your current feeling of discombobulation in the most positive way and continue forward with your plans in the knowledge that your creativity at this time will have an exceptional life-force behind it.

Sitting on the fence is a bum-numbing, painful experience! So is maintaining “peace at any price”, when you act without being true to yourself. If you want something badly enough then use every ounce of negotiation and diplomacy that’s at your finger tips to manifest it from the centre of your heart. Stand strong and deliver!


Venus Governs Relationships

Use Grace & Charm to Light Up Your Plans and understand the art of the right relationship. Libra is the Zodiac sign of relationships, ruled by Venus. Make sure you are being true to yourself in your relationships, not selling yourself short or repeating unhealthy history just to feel “loved”. Love yourself first; then enter relationships with your eyes wide open and your heart fully intact.

Enjoy planting the seeds of your new beginnings, ready to nurture them in the weeks ahead with grace and charm, being true to yourself in the process.

Shine Brightly, Stevie xxx