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Uranus the Awakener goes Direct in the zodiac sign Taurus on 15th January and stays Direct until the 19th August 2021 where it goes Retrograde in Taurus for the rest of the year. After months of retrograde motion, Uranus finally has the freedom to come out of its slumbers to allow waves to be created across our technological world and to wake us all up to the possibilities of a new world!

Uranus the Awakener

Uranus -Progressive, Revolutionary, Individualistic

Uranus is co-ruler of the zodiac sign Aquarius and it’s a progressive, revolutionary, individualistic and exploratory energy. Uranus reaches way beyond known limitations and heralds the way for original thought processes, equality and reform. Now is the time to use technology to co-create new ways for both yourself and our world to thrive.

Uranus the Awakener in Taurus means that there is a need to “ground” great new ideas (as opposed to stifle them); to know how they will work in a transformative state so that we can see clearly how we can accommodate revolutionary ideas now and in the future.

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With the influence of Taurus, slow and steady is the name of the game, especially as Jupiter is Square Uranus on 17th January which means that if you try to run before you can walk, the might of Jupiter will cut you down to size! Taurus is ruled by Venus which is all about relationships and finances, self worth and security. So, awaken to your brilliant, revolutionary new ideas and, at the same time, know how you are going to make them work so that they may bring you security and stability in the future.

Shine Brightly! Stevie xxx