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The Truth Will Out! Mercury enters Scorpio

On Tuesday 17th October, the planet Mercury enters the powerful zodiac sign of Scorpio. In pragmatic astrology the planet Mercury represents everything to do with communications. It links thinking with words, then actions and finally, results. It influences the absorption of information, curiosity and knowledge and helps you to communicate, through all methods of communication, to loved ones, business colleagues and the wider world. It also influences your ability to listen and observe.

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The Truth Will Out! Mercury enters Scorpio and in pragmatic astrology, the zodiac sign Scorpio represents the three stages of transformation through its three symbols – the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix. This sign has terrific emotional courage and needs honesty and frankness in order to thrive. Linked with Mercury, whatever you communicate now needs to be based on truth because the Scorpio energy has X-ray vision and there can be no self-delusion with this Pluto-ruled sign.

Scorpio is a dramatic, unforgiving and fearless energy and the three stages of transformation, which it is constantly going through, is all to do with rebirth; so if it’s your time to manifest your ideas and to communicate to the world that you are rising from your previous ashes, like the Phoenix, then now is the time to communicate your ideas with a deep, emotional passion that you trust.

The Truth Will Out! Mercury enters Scorpio and this Warrior energy seeks empowerment through communication but remember to share your power with others and let them see your emotions, your fears and your dreams so that they in turn trust you through your vulnerability.

This is an exciting and emotionally dynamic combination. Use it well to get your messages out there for the good of all.

Until the next time, with love and light, Stephanie xx

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