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A Transformational New Moon arrives on 18th November in the Zodiac sign of Scorpio. In pragmatic astrology the New Moon heralds a new chapter in your life; new beginnings; a fresh start and a time to welcome new energies. If you’ve been feeling a little bit edgy recently then you will have been feeling the powerful influence of the new phase of the Moon entering Scorpio.

New Moon

New Moon in Scorpio

A Transformational New Moon arrives in the skies tonight in the sign of Scorpio. It brings with it an intensity of feeling that is difficult to ignore. With this New Moon you may feel the urge to divest yourself of things that no longer serve their purpose to you and to use your emotional courage to the maximum in your dealings with others.

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Scorpio is all about transformation, re-birth and rising from the ashes, just like the Phoenix, in a passionate, serious and self-absorbed manner. This is an empowering energy and one that craves love and affection big time. It has a mysterious side to it too, taking you right to the edge so that you experience personal growth through crisis.

A Transformational New Moon in Scorpio arrives tonight in Warrior mode! This is a fearless New Moon with passion and drive at its heart. It needs honesty and transparency in its transactions with others and will encourage the sharing of your power to empower others. Now is the time to be passionate about what you need in place to make your transformation work. Don’t just sit on the sidelines as a spectator, make it happen for you!

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No-one else is you and that is your power.
With love, light and courage, Stephanie xx

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