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A Time to Heal & Repair with Neptune. The gentle, boundless energy of Neptune goes direct in Pisces on 21st November having been retrograde in the same sign since 15th June this year. Neptune is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Pisces and the transit of Neptune in Pisces only happens about every 165 years, give or take, with Neptune staying in Pisces until January 2026.

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Neptune direct in Pisces

This planet has strong connections to the Sea with Neptune often being referred to as the God of the Sea. It is at one with the universe and has strong healing powers. When you consider how we are all desecrating our oceans at the moment we need to Heal & Repair our environment as well as ourselves.

During Neptune’s period of retrograde (appearing to go backwards in Earth’s Orbit) we may have felt deeply emotional, constantly unwell and with our creative juices being restricted in some way. Our abilities to engage with our intuition may have been hampered and our need to constantly escape reality will have heightened during this time.

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Step out of the mist now! Engage in your artistic expression and consider the many ways that you can heal your soul and your spirit and look after your health. This could take the form of spiritual meditation as well as physical fitness. Review any addictions you may have and if they don’t fit in with a healthier lifestyle, look at how you might make some important changes to your life to avoid self-destruction.

Concretise your dreams and your visions – don’t let them just be pipedreams, it is time to make them a reality by grounding them in the “here and now” and use the beautiful influence of Pisces to help you engage your acutely receptive antennae in developing a firm sense of ‘self’. Pisces influences creativity with a vulnerability, care and empathy which is hard to surpass. This is a deeply sensitive energy which needs clear boundaries to avoid self-sacrifice as it is totally forgiving and accommodating of others to its detriment at times.

A Time to Heal & Repair with Neptune – Pisces is the Saviour and the Rescuer of the Zodiac, deeply connected to the mess of life and constantly clearing up after others. It is also closely connected to the sea and the tidal rhythms governed by the Moon. Neptune staying in Pisces until January 2026 is giving us all a message – We need to be responsible for our own actions in every walk of life: ourselves, our environment, our planet and our universe. We need to learn to say “No” on occasion, especially if saying “Yes” leads to the sacrifice of ourselves or our planet. We need to tap in to the caring, imaginative and receptive characteristics of the Pisces influence. Simply put, we can make change happen and now is the time!

With hope, love and light, Stephanie xx

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