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Time for Transformation! Eris is Square Pluto from this Sunday, 14th June 2020. This is significant as it represents the fight for our continual existence on Earth at all costs. It is all to do with our Soul purpose.

Time for Transformation

Eris the Goddess of Strife & Discord

Eris, the sister of Mars, represents violent struggle and the significance and necessity of the Female Warrior who does not shrink away from violence or confrontation of any sort.

As if protecting a child, the Mother instinct of the Female Warrior will fight to the death if necessary and presents a formidable opponent. Eris represents a stand for what you believe in, the struggle for survival embracing both the human and animal kingdoms. Eris represents the dark side, the hidden depths of reality in our world and the necessity to take on the dark side in order to protect the Light.

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Time for Transformation! Eris is Square Pluto this Sunday and Pluto encourages Transformation through Elimination. Being Square means TENSION – tension between the planets and points involved.

Tension is necessary to stimulate Action but Eris and Pluto will be working at cross-purposes to begin with, with many potential obstacles and battles in the way before Harmony is gained.

With this planetary positioning we will be forced out of any complacency and into action. We will all be forced to learn from our lessons and grow through painful experiences.

Pluto is the seeker of TRUTH; its influence is one of sharing power and empowering others. It helps us dig deep for answers, deepening our connection with others and ridding us of ego and pretence leading to our LIBERATION.

Using the power and influence of these two dwarf planets will shake us into reality. What is the future you wish to fight for? Now is the time to express it and connect with the Light.

Time for Transformation

Global Peace Meditation

Time for Transformation! The exact moment of this astrological aspect occurs at 16:10pm BST on Sunday, 14th June 2020 and to use this influence to maximum effect, please join me at that time with the Global Peace Meditation which will be used throughout the World, within the relevant time zones, empowering 1 million+ people to focus on World Peace. The last time we did a Collective Worldwide Meditation there was a significant spike in Earth’s Electromagnetic field. Let’s see if we can do this again and achieve great things for all of humanity.

With Love and Light, Stevie xxxx