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It’s Time for Grace & Wisdom as the Planet Saturn, which teaches us about Self-Discipline and Responsibility goes Retrograde in the zodiac sign Capricorn from now until 18th September.

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Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn

In Pragmatic Astrology the Planet Saturn is all about learning through painful experience. There is a saying “The secret of joy is the mastery of pain” (Anais Nin) and this is never so important to reflect upon as it is during this planetary transit.

It is time to understand the irony of this very necessary planetary influence and to establish where we might have gone wrong; if we’ve neglected our responsibilities or if things are stunting our growth and our productivity. What have we been doing wrong? What painful experiences have we been through that we can learn from? Think about how to avoid repeating history when it continually results in the wrong outcome for you. Saturn will focus on these areas until you learn from them with Grace & Wisdom.

Take time to reflect on the things you need to change to seriously obtain JOY. Joy in your relationships, Joy in your business and Joy in your personal life.

Star Planners Astrology Capricorn


Saturn is the ruler of the zodiac sign Capricorn and the fact that Saturn is retrograde in this sign emphasises long term commitments, long term plans, hard work and sustained effort and this is exactly what is needed now to overcome any obstacles that are in your way. These obstacles may go back several years and cover things that you have not dealt with and that keep reappearing in your life, like the proverbial old penny! It’s time to learn from painful experiences and master the pain so that you may move forward. The pain is there for a reason and the outcome could be invaluable. It’s time for Grace & Wisdom.

With Love and a whole lot of Light, Stevie xx