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Time for Deep Reflection – 4 Retrogrades in 1 Week! Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Pallas are all in Retrograde this week.

So, what does this mean to you and me and what is Pallas? Let’s talk about the significance of Saturn first.

star planners astrology saturn

Saturn is the Lord of Karma

Saturn is the Lord of Karma – what goes round, comes round – and this consolidating, grounding planet teaches us to reap the rewards through the passage of time and patient, controlled discipline. Saturn is Retrograde in Aquarius from today, 11th May until Wednesday 1st July when it enters Capricorn still in Retrograde before going Direct in the same sign on 29th September this year.

Star Planners Astrology Aquarius


When a planet goes into Retrograde, it’s signalling time for reflection. At the moment we all know what it’s like to be in lockdown and like lockdown, Retrograde makes us stop and think! We are being asked to gain experience from the hard lessons we are being taught. And the fact that the Retrograde is happening in Aquarius – the zodiac sign focusing on Humanity and Life on Earth – we need to reflect deeply on exactly what we have done to planet Earth, the injustices that exist, the abuse of our environment, the way we deal with humanity and our natural world and the ways we have plundered our natural resources. STOP and REFLECT! What can we do to put this right?

Time for Deep Reflection! It’s not all in the hands of the big corporations; it’s in our hands too. It’s so convenient to blame others for what is happening in the world but there is a great deal that we can do as individuals too. Reflect on this – what can you do that will make a difference? It’s the little steps in unison, collectively, that shift habits and patterns. Change the routine and seismic changes can happen!


Venus, the Goddess of Love, Relationships & Money

Venus is the Goddess of Love, Relationships and Money and this planet influences our drive to create harmony and balance and to relate to others in powerful but harmonious ways. It teaches us about Self-Worth which is at the core of any good relationship; for people to value and care for each other and to use money and resources in a considered, balanced way through good stewardship. Venus goes Retrograde in Gemini on Wednesday 13th May until Thursday 25th June when it goes Direct in the same sign.

Star Planners Astrology Gemini


The zodiac sign of Gemini focuses on Travel and Communication; Language and Writing; the need for information and the intelligence behind every story. Let us pause for a moment in time to consider if there are any changes we wish to make individually and collectively about how we relate to others; money and its value to us and the communication we receive and how we receive it.

Are there any changes you would like to make which would increase your sense of self-worth and which would strengthen your relationships with others? Are there any changes you would like to make in your use of money and resources that would make a positive impact on others and the way you live your life?

Time for Deep Reflection! The day after Venus goes Retrograde on Thursday 14th May, Jupiter goes retrograde in Capricorn before going Direct in the same sign on Saturday 12th September this year.

Star Planners Astrology Jupiter

Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn

Jupiter is the God of Growth and Expansion through exploration of the higher mind. It enables us to grow through the wisdom we learn from life’s rich and often varied experiences and for each of us to find a belief system enabling us to connect with life on a much deeper level. When we do this we will interact meaningfully and morally with society here on Earth.

The fact that it is going Retrograde in the zodiac sign of Capricorn means that we need to reflect on the things that stand in our way. The Capricorn energy is a solitary energy; it is deeply respectful of autonomy and the principal of self-sufficiency. It is the ‘Rock’ of the Zodiac – reliable, dependable, disciplined, professional and supportive.

Star Planners Astrology Capricorn


Capricorn is also to do with ‘the establishment’ and the heavy and often burdensome focus on administration which, love it or hate it, is a necessary discipline when handled correctly, defining stable boundaries of behaviour and social structure from which we all ultimately benefit.

Time for Deep Reflection! What is standing in our way? What areas of life are unethical, anti-social, corrupt, and immoral and what do each of us need to put in place to facilitate change? All of these areas will be magnified to enormous proportions with Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar System and it will take time and enormous effort on our part to succeed in our endeavours, BUT DON’T GIVE UP! Think of the Mountain Goat, the sign of Capricorn, steadily climbing the mountain towards the peak of success.

On Sunday, 17th May 2020 the Asteroid Pallas (daughter of Jupiter) also goes Retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. The influence of Pallas is all about balance and the use of logic, rather than emotions, to form a judgement, balancing both sides of a story before coming to a conclusion with a degree of emotional detachment.

Pallas Time for Deep Reflection

The Asteroid Pallas

Pallas Retrograde in Aquarius teaches us to listen, to form logical opinions of the information which is being presented to us about humanity and our natural environment, to reflect on what we are learning and to try to deal with it without too much emotion so that clarity of the mind can be achieved. This is going to be easier said than done as emotions run high during this period and you need to consider all options to find your own ‘truth’ and connect with your own belief system. Pallas joins her father Jupiter Direct in Capricorn in early September of this year.

It is Time for Deep Reflection as we experience 4 Retrogrades in 1 week. Use this time wisely, connect fully with your inner self to gain answers in preparation for when everything goes Direct again in the coming months and you will be able to act upon your reflections.

Sending you positive, reflective and healing energies. With Love and light. Stevie xx

Pallas photography By Credit: ESO/Vernazza et al. – cropped from File:Potw1749a.tif, which was obtained from, CC BY 4.0,