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The Sun has now entered the finely tuned, graceful and exceptionally demure sign of Virgo. This is the 2nd Earth sign and is represented by the symbol of the Corn Maiden representing the harvest – “you reap what you sow”. This is an energy which is very much in touch with its senses – a productive and patient energy which is practical, understated and very supportive. The devil is in the detail and detail is what Virgo does best!

Watch out! The perfectionist trait that all Virgoans carry with them can be both a blessing and a curse. On the positive side their attention to detail is second to none so jobs which require accuracy and precision are in exceptionally capable hands with a Virgo but this perfectionism can lead to worry and anxiety which results in a highly strung and extremely sensitive individual even though they will do their very best to cover this up.

This is a graceful energy with a real thirst for knowledge and, normally, a great lover of books. The Virgoan energy loves nothing more than exploring the detail of a subject, not purely for the fun of it, oh no, it’s much more serious than that – it’s for the benefit of helping others – to be of service in some way. Mercury, the planet that rules Virgo, enables clarity of communication and the ability to articulate findings which serves a Virgo well.

This is a highly critical sign but conversely cannot abide to be criticised! So it’s definitely one rule for Virgo and one rule for others! This is a vocational and dedicated energy that needs to be of service to mankind and needs plenty of praise along the way.

There is a ritualistic habit concerning food with this energy and many issues around analysing the attributes of various food stuffs – many Virgoans are exceptionally in tune with their bodies and know what’s best for them and others either with regard to diet, nutrition or exercise. Because of this incredible connection with the body, this energy has an ability to heal and many people with Virgo energy (Moon, Sun or Ascendant) make fine healers.

This very dignified, cautious and sensible sign needs help to lighten up on occasion and enjoy the bigger picture, not just the detail. By listening to the wisdom of the body and knowing how to use energy wisely, Virgo can avoid being overwhelmed and exhausted. If you can help this energy to relax and enjoy life a little and to just enjoy things for the pure fun of it, you will be helping this sign a great deal.

But if you want a job well done, with no cutting of corners, there’s no greater astrological energy than Virgo! Happy Birthday to all those lovely people celebrating their Sun sign in Virgo!

Until the next time xx