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The Royal Baby has Arrived! A beautiful baby boy was born to their Royal Highnesses Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, yesterday the 6th May at 05:26 am. Time to get to know this handsome new arrival…

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The Royal Baby has Arrived! The new baby Sussex has both his Sun sign and his Ascendant in the zodiac sign Taurus – a double whammy of this practical, productive and persistent astrological energy and his Moon sign is in Gemini which is the sign of the Twins – literally two for the price of one!

Harry and Meghan will have their hands full with this little fellow. He will love to be loved. He will be strong and solid in character, only doing things when he wants to do them, needing rational persuasion rather than instruction – this will apply to feeding, bath times, changing nappies, bedtime – you name it – he will require patience and lots of it!

The Royal Baby has Arrived! He will be very strong willed and physically strong with powerful energy levels which he will need to channel positively in order to achieve great things in the future. Food, Sleep and Comfort will be the most important things in his little life and these three things will be a constant need throughout his lifetime so that he can deal with his oscillating energy levels.

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Then thrown in for good measure is his Gemini Moon – highly strung and finely tuned – clever and versatile with a wonderful imagination. His emotions will change rapidly and he will get bored quickly so it will be important for him to be constantly stimulated. He will love to travel, so the Royals can rest easy about taking him along on their Royal duties as long as they give him plenty of warning – this is the mix of him loving adventure (Gemini) mixed with not liking unexpected surprises (Taurus), so planned excitement is the way forward – as long as he feels that his base is solid he will cope with this. If he isn’t included in the planning then he will feel insecure and then become stubborn.

This little baby will keep his cool when others around him are losing theirs; he will get along with others easily and be very affectionate and loving. He will know what he wants out of life and will be willing to go after it, with a strong sense of property – letting go of people and things will be very difficult for him, so to learn how to give, how to share and how to make compromises with people will be a fantastic lesson for him to learn as early as possible.

One thing’s for sure, if Harry and Meghan provide the resources to prime the interests of Baby Sussex in his formative years then they will be able to relax in the knowledge that the productive fruits of their offspring will be shared and enjoyed amongst their family and friends as he grows up. Knowing that the constant investment of time and patience for their baby son will be rewarded by the bucket load as he matures will make them two of the proudest parents on Earth!

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With Love and Light, Stevie xx