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The New Moon is in Virgo and will grace our skies on Thursday 17th September. Virgo is the seeker of perfection. In pragmatic astrology Virgo represents an understated but extremely sensitive energy. It is dedicated to getting things ‘right’ and has a high requirement for security; hating chaos and needing routine to prevent unnecessary worry. This is a very patient sign, with caution at its core and needs to feel secure and of service to others to feel gratified.

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Virgo – Earth sign

The New Moon is in Virgo and with this New Moon our plans for the weeks ahead need to be detailed and as accurate as possible and presented in an articulate and dignified manner. No shooting from the hip or winging it! Virgo is an Earth sign and is all about being skilled in your use of knowledge, with careful planning, leading to maximum productivity based on sensible thought processes.

The New Moon in Virgo

Tap into the Wisdom of your Body

The New Moon is in Virgo and signifies the start of a new phase in our lives – new beginnings and a fresh start. With the Sun and the New Moon in this zodiac sign we can concentrate on removing chaos from our lives and establishing routines that work for us. At the same time, we need to tap into the wisdom of our body and not become overwhelmed and exhausted in the process. If we learn to enjoy the bigger picture and not purely concentrate on the minutiae of life our levels of worry and anxiety will dissipate too.

Enjoy the Virgo influence and pay homage to the Cosmic Cleaner!

Shine Brightly! Stevie xx