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The Lord of Karma and the Warrior – Saturn is coming to the end of its transit period in Capricorn by going Direct in the zodiac sign it rules on 29th September as it prepares to exit Capricorn and enter Aquarius on 17th December where it will stay for the next 2.5 years.

The Lord of Karma Saturn

Saturn – The Lord of Karma

But first Saturn, the Lord of Karma, goes Direct in Capricorn on 29th September at the same time that Mars, the Warrior goes Square to Saturn. What does this mean?

Anything to do with Saturn brings with it an air of consolidation. It’s a grown up planet that will make you pay heavily if you do not commit to being responsible for your actions.

Star Planners Astrology Capricorn

Capricorn – the Rock

So, with Saturn Direct in Capricorn, the sign that it rules, we need to observe • Caution • Responsibility •Structure and •Stability. Be prepared to do everything necessary to rebuild the foundation of your life and your career. Start building for the future. Don’t take any risks at this time – be accountable for what you say and what you do.

The Lord of Karma and the Warrior – Focus on improving and strengthening things that serve you well and get shot of anything that doesn’t serve its purpose to you anymore. Spend your time building up your reserves in every area of your life and conserve your energies.

Depression can make its appearance known during heavy Saturn transits. You may feel burdensome and a feeling of being left out of everything that’s going on so; to eradicate this, try to bring some humour back into your life and reach in to your own inner strength. We cannot rely on others during this time, we have to rely on ourselves.

Mars with Star Planners Astrology

Mars the Warrior

The Lord of Karma and the Warrior – With Mars (retrograde in Aries) Square Saturn, there will be a great deal of frustration exposed. Mars wants ACTION! immediacy, assertion, risk and to fight for its wants and beliefs. Saturn wants none of this and there will be plenty of obstacles in the way of progress if we do not heed the disciplinarian influence of Saturn. But prepare for a rocky road of angry venting before Mars settles down again mid November when it goes Direct in the zodiac sign it rules – Aries.


Aquarius the Humanitarian

Whatever obstacles you meet, hold on tightly to your dreams and beliefs, strengthening their foundations all the while so that when Saturn enters its transit period in Aquarius in December, you will be ready to cast a critical, realistic eye on your dreams, goals and hopes for the future. Saturn is there for a reason. It grounds us so that our opportunities for success are far greater. It teaches us lessons along the way and is necessary for our survival and our progress.

Saturn is a lumbering planet; its transits are slow and purposeful; encouraging us to look carefully and thoroughly at our plans. When it moves away from Capricorn which has been all to do with our relationships with governments, the law, world leaders and authorities and moves into Aquarius, the focus will be on our social structure, our social lives, our friendships, our environment and our communities and what our contributions are going to be for a progressive, innovatory, technological future.

Saturn will always have plenty of lessons to dish out and it will be our responsibility to always listen and learn! Stay patient, use this transit period constructively, make sure the foundations of your life are further strengthened or rebuilt and remember that there is a perfect season for everything.

With Love and Light, Stevie, Star Planners Astrology xx