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The Hunter’s Full Moon will be with us on the 16th October and it will be in the zodiac sign of Aries. The traditional name of Hunter’s Full Moon in the northern hemisphere is based on the practice of preparing for the winter ahead – hunting, gathering and preserving food to last the winter through.

As with every Full Moon, in astrology it represents the coming together of everything you have worked towards in the past lunar month. This can be personal goals you’ve set; business achievements or new projects that you’ve been trying to get off the ground.

The fact that the Full Moon is in Aries means it’s time for assertion and using your intuition to make your thought processes and projects work out there in the big wide world. This is a strongly individual influence representing courage, energy, honesty and dynamism. You need to let the world know what you want and have the courage of your convictions to go out there and get it!

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This is not a time to ponder; this is a time for self interest. Use a simple and direct approach to realise your dreams and use the warmth and ‘go-getting’ energy of Aries to achieve your goals.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac circle – it is an energy that likes to win and to be first off the starting blocks.

It is ruled by the Planet Mars – a Warrior rather than a Wall Flower and is influenced by the Element of Fire which is dramatic, warm hearted, hot tempered and passionate.

Aries gives birth to the vision and pioneers a process to make it work in the real world.

Use this wonderful energy to help you achieve your most heartfelt needs. Call upon the Hunter’s Full Moon to help energise your offering to the world. The time is right to make this happen!