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As the Sun is now in Aries, the Full Super Moon arrives in Libra, Aries’ opposite sign, this Sunday 28th March, coinciding with the day that our clocks go forward in the UK – a double celebration!

The Full Super Moon in Libra

Reach out and touch it!

Known as the Worm Moon because it is at this time of year that the earthworm casts appear, signalling the return of the Robin, and also known as the Crow Moon because the crows announce to the Northern Hemisphere that winter has come to a close and the beginning of Spring has arrived, this Full Super Moon is both powerful and significant. It will appear brighter and bigger because of its closer proximity to the Earth, as if you could reach out and touch it!

As many of you will know who follow my writings, the Full Moon represents the end of a cycle, the conclusion of a project, the completion of a period of time. The fact that this is a Super Moon emphasises every aspect of that conclusion.

The Full Super Moon arrives in Libra


The Full Super Moon arrives in Libra and the zodiac sign Libra is all about Balance, Harmony, Justice and Peace, with co-operation, diplomacy and negotiation at its core. A Full Super Moon in this sign signals the need for good communication, strategy and the use of intellect in our relationships. Libra, after all, influences the art of the right relationship.

Do not compromise too much over your plans and do not be over sensitive to others, otherwise this will have a crippling effect on your ability to bring things to a close and move forward. This is not a time for procrastination; decisions need to be made taking all the Pros and Cons into consideration; making decisions and then sticking to them, will be necessary!

All of us need to use this Full Super Moon in Libra to help make good, balanced decisions about all of our relationships ~ whether it’s to do with romance, business colleagues or the family ~ rather than settle for peace at any price!

Shine Brightly and bask in the radiance of this Full Super Moon! Sending Love, Peace and Healing – Stevie xx