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The Full Super Moon arrives in Libra tonight! Whilst the Sun is in the zodiac sign of Aries at the moment, the Full Super Moon arrives in the opposite sign of Libra. For those of us with clear skies, you will see the strength of the Full Super Moon in the spring sky as it reaches a point in its orbit which brings it closest to Earth making it bigger, brighter and more powerful. This will be the first of two consecutive Full moons in Libra (the next one will be on Good Friday, 19th April) which is rare and symbolises Good Luck!

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The Full Super Moon arrives in Libra tonight! Libra is all about Balance, Harmony, Justice and Peace, with co-operation, diplomacy and negotiation at its core. A Full Super Moon in this sign heralds the completion of a major cycle or project, the coming to an end of a period of time where the need for good communication, strategic thinking and intellect are paramount.

With this energy we must learn not to compromise too much and not to be over sensitive to others, otherwise this will have a crippling effect on our ability to bring things to a close and move forward. If you’re dilly-dallying on a decision, then weigh up the Pros and Cons, make your decision and stick to it. If you do this, the decision will make itself!

Use this Full Super Moon to help you make good, balanced decisions rather than continual procrastination! To read more about Libra, click on the image.

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Shine Brightly – Stevie xx