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The Full Snow Moon in Virgo arrives in our skies on Saturday, 27th February and brings to completion a cycle which started in September 2020 when the New Moon was in the same sign.

The Full Snow Moon in Virgo

Virgo – Earth energy

Virgo represents the perfectionist in an imperfect world. And this energy will remind us to look very closely at the details of our plans and our visions so that we can bring this cycle of ‘attention to detail’ to a close.

Virgo is an Earth energy; highly productive and organised; practical, and extremely sensitive and because it is ruled by the planet of communications, Mercury, is able to articulate its findings and needs very clearly. So use this powerful influence to organise clear boundaries in your personal and professional life and to communicate effectively.

The Full Snow Moon in Virgo

The Full Snow Moon

As the Full Snow Moon in Virgo arrives we can look forward to making space for a new chapter in our lives, so enjoy the bigger picture; try not to worry quite so much and prepare to make all your detailed plans come to life.

The Full Snow Moon in Virgo

Virgo Gemstone Jewellery

For those of you who have gemstones, please remember to charge them under the light of the Full Moon on Saturday night, for extra empowerment and support.

With Love and Light, Stevie x