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The Full Pink Super Moon arrives in Libra tonight with its optimum brightness occurring in the early hours of Wednesday, 8th April. Whilst the Sun is in the zodiac sign of Aries at the moment, the Full Pink Super Moon arrives in the opposite sign of Libra.

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Full Pink Super Moon in Libra

For those of us with clear skies, you will see the strength of the Full Pink Super Moon in the spring sky as it reaches a point in its orbit which brings it closest to Earth making it bigger, brighter and more powerful than the other Moons we’ve seen so far this year.

I write my Astrology blog for you all in unprecedented times. World events are happening swiftly and yet we are in lockdown which, for some, is dragging its heels at a painfully slow pace.

Full Pink Super Moon in Libra Pray

Pray for recovery

Our UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in Intensive Care with Covid-19 and the World holds its breath as we all pray for his swift recovery, no matter what our political stance, creed or religion – we are united in our hope as we are for all those fighting for their lives in the struggle against this pandemic.

I share not only my birthday with Boris Johnson (i.e. 19th June) so we have the same Sun sign but we also share the same Ascendant – which is in Libra – the sign in which the Super Moon arrives tonight. His Moon energy is in Scorpio which will allow him to dig deep, to face the truth of the matter and to fight with great emotional courage. With Boris Johnson we have a true Warrior in our midst.

On Sunday 5th April at 03:45 BST I joined over a million other meditators around the World for a Planet Healing Meditation to finally activate the Age of Aquarius. The time reflected the precise moment at which Jupiter united with Pluto to form the Conjunction. The intention was to use the meditation as a tool to shift our planet Earth into the most optimal timeline using the Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter Conjunction (united energies) and as a tool to completely remove the Coronavirus and other epidemics and rising pandemics throughout our planet.

Global Meditation

A Global Voice

It was the most incredible meditation that I have ever taken part in and my thanks, together with all those who took part, goes to the Global Peace Meditation movement for facilitating such an incredibly powerful, universal intention. I have fully documented this meditation for future records and I will write about the significant planetary movements and their influence on all aspects of our lives in the coming weeks and months. This is a Watershed year with many important and seismic changes within our society and our environment presenting themselves.

So, what of tonight and the Full Pink Super Moon arriving in our skies? As many of you will know who follow my writings, the Full Moon represents the end of a cycle, the conclusion of a project, the completion of a period of time. The fact that it is a Super Moon emphasises every aspect of that conclusion.

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The Full Pink Super Moon arrives in Libra tonight. Libra is all about Balance, Harmony, Justice and Peace, with co-operation, diplomacy and negotiation at its core. A Full Super Moon in this sign heralds the completion of a major cycle, the coming to an end of a period of time where the need for good communication, strategy and intellect are paramount.

With Libra we must learn not to compromise too much and not to be over sensitive to others, otherwise this will have a crippling effect on our ability to bring things to a close and move forward. This is not a time for procrastination; decisions need to be made taking all the Pros and Cons into consideration; making decisions and then sticking to them for the right reasons.

All of us need to use this Full Pink Super Moon in Libra to help make good, balanced decisions, no matter how painful they may seem at first, rather than settle for peace at any price! Sending Love and Healing to you all, Stevie xx