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The Devil is in the Detail! Mercury enters Virgo on 25th July and in Pragmatic Astrology Mercury represents the absorption of information, curiosity and knowledge. It is to do with the linking of what you think, with the words that you use, the actions that you take and then the results that are forthcoming from that sequence.


Mercury Enters Virgo

The Devil is the Detail! And Virgo represents that detail. So make sure that you scrutinise everything before you publish it. Be wise with your words and sensitive with your thought process. It is not the time for slapdash; this is a highly analytical, critical and industrious sign that abhors chaos and needs perfection!

Star Planners Astrology Virgo


Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury and is a highly cautious and dignified energy. It loves and admires the intelligent use of communication through every form of media, but particularly in the written word.

The Devil is in the Detail! So, to make the most of this wonderful combination think before you communicate. Ask yourself if you’ve covered all the points necessary in a focused way that will harvest the best results. Just like the Corn Maiden, Virgo’s astrological symbol, who understands that what you reap is what you sow. Use your time carefully, when you’re alone if possible, to perfect your approach and to produce the very best results possible.

Enjoy this influence before Mercury goes retrograde in the same sign on 13th August.

Until the next time – with love and light, Stephanie x
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