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The Age of Aquarius is Here! The Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction (united energies) which happened today 30th June 2020 at precisely 06:48 BST (UK) heralded the turning point of the 2020 Age of Aquarius Timeline Star-gate. The first stage of this transition started on 12th January 2020 with the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction and will close on 21st December 2020 with the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction.

Time for Transformation

Age of Aquarius Meditation

Wow! What a fantastic meditation! 5 million+ ‘Destiny Makers’ from around the Globe were called upon to unify our consciousness and trigger the process into the long awaited Age of Aquarius. 170 days since the 12th January start point and 174 more days to go before we arrive at 21st December when this period of transition into the Age of Aquarius completes its cycle.

Symbolised by the Water Carrier, influenced by the Element of Air and ruled by the Planets Uranus and Saturn. © Star Planners Astrology 2016.

Aquarius the Humanitarian

The Age of Aquarius is Here! These are going to be exciting times ahead with Aquarius in charge! For years Astrologers, Spiritual Leaders and Conscious Evolutionaries have been waiting for this time to arrive. Aquarius represents HUMANITY, EQUALITY, the ENVIRONMENT. It reaches beyond any realistic limitations and strives for Progression, Revolution, Unity and Tolerance. It is an unpredictable but realistic energy with Humanitarian issues at its core.

Expect BIG CHANGE – this is a non-conformist energy – a maverick energy with futuristic reform and visionary abilities that will be for the good of all. This will be about the whole of society, not just the privileged few. Reforms, including unconventional methodology will be forthcoming; new ways of looking at things, truly embracing the Free Spirit with which this energy is known.

The Age of Aquarius is Here! Expect the Unexpected and look forward to invention, progression and eccentricity. New ways will be forged; collective enterprise will be instrumental in making seismic changes. Nothing is going to be the same. Rejoice!

With Love, Light, Equality, Joy & Hope, Stevie xxx