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Swift and Clear! Mercury enters Aquarius on Friday 8th January. With our minds working with clarity and speed, expect communications, media coverage and news to be full of humanitarian issues, anarchy, liberation and reformation. Communications and decision making will be swift and clear as Mercury enters Aquarius!

Swift and Clear! Mercury enters Aquarius

World Communications

Make way for the mercurial diplomats; it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty of peace, tolerance and equality. The Aquarius energy hates the mundane. It is electrically wired to the needs of our societies and champions the underdogs. It is known as the architect of the zodiac and Mercury links the magic of words to actions and everything in between. This could be a most significant time in World communications and planning for reform.

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This is a quick and clever energy for Mercury to find itself in – a space of lateral thinking and thinking outside of the box. Use it yourself to make sure that all your communications are progressive, newly thought out and individual. Stand out from the crowd with your individualism – whether it’s a business proposition or your personal style. Take any big decisions now before Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius on 30th January which will last until 20th February when it goes Direct in Aquarius once again.

Mercury enters Aquarius

Tension Stimulates Action

At the same time that Mercury enters Aquarius it positions itself Square to Mars in Taurus. This aspect creates tension between the planets but tension is always necessary to stimulate action. This is often described as being at “cross purposes”. However, this positioning will help us to root our high octane thoughts very firmly in the solid Earth allowing us to plan our route one step at a time. In this respect it is a brilliant combination.

Swift and Clear! Mercury enters Aquarius – make the most of this dynamic period which brings swift thinking and reality together; if you do it will serve you well.

Shine Brightly, Stevie xxx