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The Super Full Moon arrives in Gemini tonight! Whilst the Sun is in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius at the moment, the Super Full Moon, which arrives in our skies this evening, is in the opposite sign of Gemini. For those of us with clear skies, you will see the strength of the Full Moon once more in the winter sky as it reaches a point in its orbit which brings it closest to Earth. This makes the Full Moon appear brighter and larger. Either way, you will feel its incredible presence.

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The Gemini-Sagittarius Opposition is one where this pair has a lot more in common than they have different but these energies approach things in a different way. This combination is primarily concerned with the expansion and development of our mental status, together with our moral and philosophical dispositions. It also concentrates on the diversity of human nature.

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So whilst the Sun in Sagittarius will be concerned with wisdom and the bigger picture and generalities using a more ‘laissez faire’ approach, the Full Moon in Gemini will be concerned with analytical detail and nuance and completing a project in a timely fashion. Gemini uses speed to explore with impartial curiosity and more of a surface intellectuality whereas the Sagittarius energy will strive for the meaning of life and longs for insights to uncover an ideal.

Star Planners Astrology Super Full Moon

Super Full Moon in Gemini

The Super Full Moon arrives in Gemini tonight! In pragmatic astrology, the Full Moon brings chapters to a close and represents the completion of something important in our lives. With the influence of Gemini, freedom will be high on our list and although this normally signifies a great deal of activity, it needs to always be combined with rest and relaxation. Don’t ignore this need to chill out as the Gemini energy is highly strung, taking on much more than it can physically cope with. Intellectually this energy has no bounds, is a great communicator, networker and multi-tasker but physically it needs to take it easy now and then. So, don’t go biting off more than you can chew right now. Understand your limitations going forward and you will feel vital and in control.


Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius

The Super Full Moon arrives in Gemini tonight! Just as the Full Moon arrives in Gemini, so the ruling planet of Gemini – Mercury – goes retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius – it’s all happening with these two at the moment! This will continue until 23rd December so will give us time to reflect on why our bigger plans may not be quite hitting the mark and what obstacles are continuing to be in the way of our expansion. Be patient! Mercury in retrograde always brings with it challenges – mainly to do with communication – in all its forms. Rather than fight it and get angry with it, let it go and reflect. Think things through. Think of better ways to do things. If your phone packs up, go round to see the person and if your laptop gives up the ghost, pick the phone up instead! There is always something to learn in these reflective periods and we will all be the richer for it.

Wishing you an amazing experience with these planetary movements!

Look out for my next blog which will be about Chiron going direct in Pisces. Until the next time with Love and Light, Stephanie x

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