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The Super Blue Blood Moon is Here! An amazing phenomena is happening on 31st January, one which won’t happen again for another 19 years and one which hasn’t happened since 1866! Wow! The significance is unreal! So, what does it all mean?

Super Blue Blood Moon

In pure astronomical terms it means that the Earth is passing between the Moon and the Sun, causing a total Lunar eclipse which gives the Moon a reddish tint, i.e. the reason why it’s called a Blood Moon, but that’s not all. We have a Super Blue Moon on our hands, Super because the Moon is at its closest point to Earth so looks bigger and brighter and Blue because it is the second Full Moon in a month. The significance doesn’t stop there – this Full Moon is happening on the last day of January which gives it a great deal of energy.

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As we know, the Sun is in Aquarius at the moment and the Full Moon is in Leo. Now both of these signs are in opposition to each other. This all about the Ego! Leo is all about personal identity and our unique creative spirit – establishing ‘the self’ and finding one’s own unique self-expression. Aquarius is all about submerging into a group or an idea but at the same time retaining a unique and futuristic perspective. Leo links itself with the ideals of nobility and pride through self-integrity whilst Aquarius seeks a broader consciousness to understand different points of view and behaviours, seeking to benefit the whole of humankind.

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So there are many things, which on the surface, seem to be diametrically opposed with these two zodiac signs. We have individuality versus the collective; autocracy vs. democracy; creativity and imagination vs. observation and truth; egoism vs. altruism; spontaneity vs. reflection, to name but a few! However, they also have a very special relationship. Leo and Aquarius may be poles apart but they also seem to mirror each other in many respects and complement each other to a great degree.

The Super Blue Blood Moon is Here! The significance of a Full Moon in astrology is that it represents the completion of a project or the coming to an end of a situation. The fact that it’s right at the end of the month means that it’s super-charged. So things which may have seemed impossible last week will become perfectly achievable now with your ability to do things and see things through becoming very evident. Don’t crawl across the finish line – smash through it! The energy that this Super Blue Blood Moon is creating is substantial. Let the Lunar Eclipse allow you to revisit things that you wanted to put in place at the beginning of the year but somehow haven’t been able to yet. Review them and be more realistic, knowing your limitations and take baby steps if you need to, but take the first steps now!

The Super Blue Blood Moon is Here! Use this powerful energy to ask some tough questions of yourself as well. Face your dragons; make positive changes and see those changes become fruitful well into February and beyond. It’s time to step out of your ‘familiarity zone’ – let the combination of the Leo roar and the Aquarius objectivity work fully in your favour. Harness this energy and use it to maximum effect.

PS. Even though we will not be able to see the full effect of the Super Blue Blood Moon in the UK, we can still enjoy the glorious Full Moon tomorrow and bask in its influence. Here’s hoping for clear skies!

Until the next time, with Love, Light and Reflection, Stephanie x

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