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Sun enters Virgo – the practical perfectionist! Today, 22nd August, the Sun enters Virgo which is the 6th sign of the zodiac circle. It is the second Earth sign and is ruled by the planet Mercury which also rules Gemini. Its symbol is the Corn Maiden which depicts the harvest – you reap what you sow and if you put the hard work in, tending to your corn, weeding out anything harmful on the way and attending to every little detail, you will reap the fruits of your labour.

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Virgo the Practical Perfectionist

Sun enters Virgo – the practical perfectionist! Here we meet the productive, understated, practical perfectionist who is highly intelligent and highly strung. It’s an energy that is extremely sensitive to the needs of the body, ritualising eating and very selective with food.

Virgo is a wise energy; a detailed worker needing to be of service to others. Highly inquisitive, articulate and analytical with a fondness for criticising but in turn hates to be criticised! It is a patient, cautious and dignified energy which needs routine to make it feel secure.

Virgo - the practical perfectionist

Healing energy

Often vocational, the Virgoan energy can be very healing to others in a practical, skilled and very tender way. In pragmatic astrology Virgo is known as the Cosmic Cleaner of the Zodiac and is a perfectionist in an imperfect world!

Things to focus on Virgo:
* Try not to worry quite so much
* Listen to the wisdom of your body
* Embrace the “bigger picture”
* Try not to become overwhelmed and exhausted
* Let your hair down on occasion and enjoy life!

Sun enters Virgo - the practical perfectionist

Virgo Gemstone Jewellery

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Wishing all of my wonderful clients, family and friends with Virgo strong in their astrological DNA a beautiful and empowering time in the weeks to come as the Sun enters this demure and graceful sign.

With Love & Light, Stevie xxx