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On 22nd September, as well as being the Autumnal Equinox, the Sun enters Libra – the Seeker of Harmony, Justice & Peace. Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac wheel and is ruled by the Planet Venus and is influenced by the Element of Air. Its symbol is the Scales of Balance and this energy will constantly strive for equality and fairness.

The Sun enters Libra

Seeker of Harmony & Balance

In pragmatic astrology, Libra is the zodiac sign which finds beauty enchanting, in all its forms, and ugly behaviour and coarseness abhorrent. This is an artistic, romantic, graceful and civilised energy which likes to keep cool and detached so that it can retain its intellectual, strategic and aerial view on matters. Brilliant diplomats; this energy knows how to handle debate and arbitration and relishes an arena to engage like-minded people in fair and balanced discussions.

The Sun enters Libra – the Seeker of Harmony, Justice & Peace and being ruled by Venus, it’s fair to say that Librans also love their food and that money is very important to them too.

Sun enters Libra

Explore the masculine & feminine sides

The Libran energy can be a bit of a procrastinator; definitely a pleasure seeker and quite a party animal, exploring both the masculine and feminine sides of its nature with a good dose of vanity thrown in for good measure! This energy needs to be liked and tends to compromise too much which can lead to the very thing it abhors – imbalance!

The Sun enters Libra – the Seeker of Harmony, Justice & Peace and things to focus on for the Libran energy are:
Make your mind up – don’t dither! Avoid ‘Peace at any Price’ and stick to your guns especially when you’re passionate about something. Engaging in a little healthy confrontation now and then will keep those scales truly balanced.

Watch out for over-eating and excess and recognise and use your Masculine and Feminine energies in everything you do.

The Sun enters Libra – the Seeker of Harmony, Justice & Peace – so rejoice if you have been born with this zodiac sign strong in your astrological DNA (Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign) and work that charm – you’ve got it by the bucket load!

The Sun enters Libra

Amethyst and Amazonite gemstones

If you would like the energy of the gemstones that I have linked to Libra – Amazonite and Amethyst – to be with you at all times or as a gift for your favourite Libran, consider purchasing a quality, bespoke piece of SPA Zodiac Jewellery, cleansed to receive the wearer’s intentions and created to order in England with a 5-7 day turn round and Free postage and packing. Each piece of jewellery is both beautiful and supportive.

Shine brightly and enjoy your Autumnal Equinox celebrations!
With love and light, Stevie xx