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Sun Enters Gregarious Gemini. On Wednesday 20th May the Sun enters Gregarious Gemini followed by a New Moon in Gemini on Friday 22nd. It’s all happening in Gemini!

Gregarious Gemini

Seeking Social Interaction

If you have your Sun sign in Gemini or you have a Gemini Moon or Gemini Ascendant sign, you will feel a great deal more chatty than usual as you seek social interaction and yearn for as many varied experiences as possible. You will be searching for new information with your active and curious mind and wishing to engage in as many conversations as possible.

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Gemini is ruled by Mercury

Sun Enters Gregarious Gemini – and Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury which is all about communication, travel and the intellect. You will want to read, write, study and speak more but remember, don’t just listen to your own voice, listen to others and open your mind to other people’s advice in order to grow.

With the influence of Mercury you will always want to be on the go, so if you’re limited in physical travel because of the current lockdown, open your mind and let it soar high above the clouds to the purified air where it belongs as an Air sign.

Gregarious Gemini Star Planners Astrology

The Gemini Motto

There is a tendency to spread yourself too thinly Gemini, being aware of all the options you have, which can lead to crippling indecision so engage your gut, not just your mind in your decision making and then stick to it for as long as it serves your purpose. With Gemini the saying “Constant Change is Here to Stay” is a motto this energy lives by.

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New Moon in Gemini

On Friday there’s a New Moon in Gemini – fresh beginnings, the start of new projects and planning for the future. Use your incredible head for detail and small tasks, taking one day at a time and crossing things off your action list in a disciplined way. Control your flightiness as much as possible so that you don’t scatter yourself too liberally and don’t become distracted by the next beautiful ‘butterfly’ that comes along.

Gemini is a dualistic sign and gets involved in so many things that sometimes you end up being ‘busy as a fool’ which can lead to nervous exhaustion. As Gemini rules the nerves and the nervous system it is essential to rest at regular intervals to recharge your batteries and to rest your ever busy mind. Often you won’t know you’re exhausted until it hits you squarely in the face!

Gregarious Gemini Star Planners Astrology

Plan Your Way Forward

With this beautiful New Moon make sure you have identified your objectives and set about planning your way forward. It’s all too easy to let yourself wander off track at the moment in the “limbo land” that we all find ourselves in. Be purposeful, be upbeat and use the fantastic influence of Gemini to help you communicate your ideas effectively and logically. Gemini is the sign of the intellect linking the magic of words, language and communication into thinking, words and actions. As well as keeping your mind active make sure it will lead to productive results.

Shine Brightly Gemini! With Love & Light, Stevie xxxx

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