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Summer Solstice, Cancer & Neptune – The Summer Solstice arrives today, 21st June at the same time that the Sun enters Cancer and the planet Neptune goes Retrograde in Pisces until 27th November.

Nasa Planets Star Planners AstrologyIf you’ve been feeling all over the place recently it’s no wonder as Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and now Neptune are in Retrograde. Hard lessons have had to be learnt; consolidation, accepting our own limitations and a sense of realism has prevailed and if we haven’t learnt from these lessons then the route forward will be even more painful.

Pluto has reminded us that in order to go forward, we have had to go through the process of elimination, transforming and liberating ourselves of ego and pretence and anything that does not serve us well anymore. These have been painful but necessary times.

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Summer Solstice

Now, the Summer Solstice has arrived! This is the point of mid-summer; the longest day and the greatest amount of illumination, not just in our environment with the longest day but in our souls. Like shining a torch into our inner core to let brave new light shine through, we need to search deep for our own meaning in life and the footprint we wish to form and we can call upon the Sun entering Cancer on the same day for guidance with this.

The Cancer energy has the vulnerable, instinctual and emotional influence of Water with a high degree of sensitivity, empathy and intuition. With a wonderful imagination and a deep level of understanding, this energy absorbs other people’s pain as if it were their own, taking things personally and reflecting a great deal on their experiences.

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We can all learn from the energy of Cancer – this is what we all need to do in order to understand ourselves better and for us to believe, instinctually and emotionally our own way forward, working from the heart and the gut and not just the head.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon which puts this energy in touch with basic survival instincts and is emotionally linked to the phases of the Moon – the New, Waxing, Full and Waning cycle. It is a nurturing, protective and nourishing energy, needing safety, security and a feeling of well-being in order to function properly.

In pragmatic astrology Cancer is known as the midwife of the zodiac – giving birth to highly creative and intuitive projects always in touch with the needs of others – the divine feminine.

As Neptune goes Retrograde, its effects are less dramatic than the planets closer to Earth but our dreams, imagination and creativity can be masked by unreality with Neptune in this transit. We need to work on ridding ourselves of ego and ridding ourselves of any pretence in order to let those dreams become a reality later in the year and for them to shine through from the heart.

At this very significant time, look inwards, find your true spirit and let it shine out brightly for all to see. Anything less would just be pretence!

Shine Really Brightly, Stevie xx