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Today we celebrate the Great British Spring Clean! So get your rubber gloves on and start to Spring Clean Your Life!

Forget about dusting down the cupboards and cleaning the sink, how about dusting yourself off, getting rid of the things in your life that have gone way past their sell by date and cleansing your Soul in the process!

This week Mars, the planet of Courage, Dynamism and Individuality is working alongside Pluto which is the Planet of Transformation through Elimination, so get cracking!

Pluto is a Liberator, it helps you dig deep for answers, deepening your contact with others and ridding you of Ego and Pretence. There can be no self-delusion with Pluto! So if something (or someone) is proving not to be all that you thought it would be and it’s full of toxic or negative energy, then have the courage of your convictions; know that you would be better off without it in your life, strengthen your core and feel liberated!

Just as we Spring Clean our homes; it’s time to Spring Clean our Minds, our Hearts and our Souls. Spring Clean Your Life & Feel Liberated!

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